On the roofs of Jeep® Renegade

Jeep® Renegade roof racks: co-design and production.
MA acts entirely as a full service supplier of roof racks.

The roof racks project was co-designed for FCA and represented the very first roof racks ever produced by MA.

For this kind of components, MA acts entirely as a full service supplier.

Roof racks design process

Following the phases of concept and solution development, and virtual and physical validation, the co-design led to the manufacturing processes. The processes involved are extrusion, stretch bending and milling, surface treatment, injection moulding and assembly.

The roof racks are produced in two finish versions: black and silver.
Since 2014 the plant has manufactured more than one million pieces with an average daily production of over 1,500 pieces.

Photo Credits Jeep® Renegade: ©FCA

The Roof Rack project

Production and Assembly plant: MA Chivasso
Customer: FCA Group – Melfi Plant.
Parts: Roof Racks
Materials: aluminium and plastic.
Processes: extrusion, stretch bending and milling, injection moulding and assembly.