Our design wheel on the new C3

Large vent-hole wheels for a stunning design effect on C3.

The esthetical result of the X-free style wheel - product and process are a MW patent - led PSA Group to mount them as serial wheels on their new models.

Our large vent-hole wheels coordinated with wheel trims and a stylish wheel cover had as a result the effect of creating a stunning design effect, over all very similar to alloy wheels. Besides aesthetics, our style wheels contributed to a lighter and more sustainable car.

The disc geometry allowed us to meet PSA performance specifications and, at the same time, to let them play with a joyful design, perfectly tuned to the spirit of the new vehicle.

Photo Credits Citroën C3: ©PSA

Design wheel for the New C3

Production and Assembly plant: Tergnier, France
Product: Design wheel – X-Free 6Jx16 4-108
Client: PSA
Vehicle: Citroën New C3