Ethics and compliance: the Group’s values

Corporate values and reputation. Ethics and the fight against active and passive corruption. Whistleblowing.


The Group commits to promoting ethical and responsible behaviour that guarantees compliance with its policies and Code of Ethics as well as the laws of the countries in which it operates.

In the external and internal context of growing awareness raising on topics related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Group has started a process of compliance with the United Nations Global Compact initiative.

Corporate values and reputation

The Group has established a series of ethical policies and a code of conduct that serve as a guide for its activities and those of its subsidiaries, with the purpose of promoting a strong ethical foundation and a corporate culture which respects the laws in force in the countries in which it operates.
This clear set of values is included in the Code of Ethics of the Group. The Group is committed to guaranteeing that such values are shared by all employees, suppliers, or any other party related to the Group.

Ethics and the fight against active and passive corruption

The Group does not tolerate any form of abuse of power, active corruption, or passive corruption, either in its relationship with the public administration or with private entities.
The Group is committed through its policies and procedures to address the fight against corruption. The Group has defined rules to manage these topics in the Code of Ethics.
C.L.N. S.p.A. and Italian subsidiaries MA S.r.l. and MW Italia S.r.l. have adopted: The Model for management, supervision, and organization in accordance with Legislative Decree n°231/2001 and The Anti-corruption Code of Conduct.
The Group thus has formalized its fight against corruption, for which it acts as a guarantor in carrying out its activities. Accordingly, CLN Group has designed a roadmap that requires a formal subscription to the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and fairness by the recipients of the Code of Ethics and the Model for management, supervision, and organization. All recipients are held responsible – in carrying out their work activity – for strictly rejecting any form of abuse of power and corruption.
The Group and the recipients commit to ensure that all laws and regulations related to the abuse of power and corruption are respected in full, in every jurisdiction of operation.


The Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures CLN has a specific policy related to internal reporting and has implemented specific procedures, also through its whistleblowing web portal