The Board of Directors of CLN Group

Shareholders and Board of Directors


The international development strategy of the Group started in the 1970-80s, giving birth to a chain of alliances.
Today, besides the Magnetto family – who owns 75% of the Group’s capital –, the main shareholder is:


The close cooperation with ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company, started in 1974. Cooperation started as a supplier of flat and long stainless steel products, first as Usinor and later, in 1990, as Sollac, and lastly with Arcelor in 2002, who entered the CLN holding with a 35% shareholding in 1989.
Today, ArcelorMittal holds about 25% shareholding and is one of our most prominent steel suppliers.

Board of Directors

President and CEO

Aurora Magnetto

Gabriele Perris Magnetto

Director with special appointments
Vincenzo Perris


Paul Stéphan Brettnacher

Gianni Coda

Herve Jean Jaques Guyot

Ramesh Kumar Kothari

Beatrice Perris Magnetto

Raffaella Perris Magnetto

Cedric Bouzar

Gérard Dupouy


Board of Statutory Auditors
Paolo Burlando

Regular Auditors
Gianmarco Amico di Meane

Mauro Messi

Alternate Auditors
Alessandra Odorisio

Riccardo Ronchi