Partnership as a business model

A network in steel-dependent businesses that has led to the development of industrial partnerships with major companies in various production areas worldwide.

Partnership represents for us a model for development.

The Group’s philosophy of creating a network in steel-dependent businesses has led to the development of industrial partnerships with major Companies in various production areas worldwide.
Not just suppliers but a true partner ever growing in innovation and development of steel-based solutions to serve our customers and complete the transformation of the product according to their needs. Both at our production sites and in strategic locations for business expansion.
A business model which has been successful in the automotive and wheels sectors, and has been extended to include other areas such as re-rolling.

Partnerships with private and University research centres ensure the continuous updating of technology and innovation.

Besides partnerships with our shareholder ArcelorMittal, the Group has industrial partnerships with:

ISIL Group - Etromex
The CLN Group holds a 17.85% share in Etromex, the North American division of the ISIL Group in Alpignano, specialized in automized steel component pressing and assembly with plants in Italy, France and Mexico.

Other partnerships in the automotive field have been specifically developed with the MA and MW Divisions.