People are our utmost priority

Health and safety at the workplace. Collective bargaining. Human rights and equal opportunities. Personnel training.

CLN Group is comprised of a diverse group of employees: 6,549 individuals in total as of December 31st, 2023.
Out of these, 21% work in Italy – which hosts the Group headquarters and most of the Corporate technical and commercial offices supporting the production facilities – 33% work in Poland, 13% in South Africa, 12% in France, 6% in Germany, 6% in Brazil and the remainder in Portugal, Romania, Russia, and Slovakia. 

Total personnel 2023 – 6,549 (male 5,581, female 968)

Total personnel 2022 – 6,718 (male 5,753, female 965)

Total personnel 2021 – 7,425 (male 6,441, female 984)



Health and safety at the workplace

The issue of health and safety at the workplace is one of the Group’s top priorities. In order to promote health and safety at the workplace the Group has introduced robust measures and actions to ensure that employees exercise their duties in the safest way possible.
The Policies and Procedures of the Group in this respect are designed with the following aims:

  • to guarantee the observance of regulatory and legal requirements regarding health and safety;
  • to define and implement control strategies for risk prevention;
  • to promote initiatives based on a process of constant improvement and monitoring of risks deriving from work activities;
  • to provide corporate management with an efficient and effective management system that allows a consistent process of identification and solution of emerging issues, as well as an orderly flow of information that supports decision-making and operational responsibilities;
  • to stimulate personnel involvement, motivation, and awareness;
  • to contribute to improving levels of health and safety at the workplace;
  • to enhance internal and external corporate image, in order to maintain the confidence of customers, suppliers and other entities/authorities;
  • to reduce the costs of health and safety at the workplace.

In this respect, the Group’s Health and Safety Policy establishes that health and safety must be considered a priority and is an essential responsibility for all levels of the organisation.  All facilities are required to have representative health and safety committees in operation.

These health and safety principles are promoted through the setting of annual targets which seek to drive improvement in the number of injuries, frequency of injuries and the gravity of injuries.

Frequency rate

2023 - 3.59

2022 – 3.65

2021 – 3.14



Gravity rate

2023 - 0.14

2022 – 0.20

2021 – 0.15


As of 31 December 2023, 86% of the facilities had achieved certification under ISO 45001, a good step up from 2021.  ISO 45001 is the most widely recognized health & safety risk management standard in the automotive sector. The aim of the Group is for all plants to be certified to ISO 45001 by 2030.

Among the various initiatives to reach and maintain such results, "Safety Days" are carried out for training purposes and to raise awareness on topics related to health and safety at the workplace; Safety Days are held on a rotational basis at the main facilities of the Group. The sessions are mainly directed at employees, but may also involve their families, in order to underline how a health and safety culture is important everywhere, not only in the workplace. 

The Group requires robust health and safety measures to also be in place for visitors to Group facilities and to activities carried out on site by subcontractors. 

Human rights and equal opportunities

Human resource management – including the selection process and hiring phase – is based upon the principles of non-discrimination and equal rights.
In this regard, the Group works to guarantee the same professional growth and knowledge development opportunities for its entire workforce, without any type of discrimination regarding age, gender, race or sexual orientation.

The Group views the concept of diversity in terms of celebrating the differences between individuals, and recognising every employee’s contribution to creating an environment in which people’s identities are respected and discrimination and harassment are eliminated. The Group requires all its employees to adopt this philosophy, in accordance with the principles included in the Code of Ethics and the Equality and Diversity Policy. 

CLN Group recognizes the social and corporate value of smart-working as a model for embedding flexibility and mobility into our normal way of working, which may help the worker to achieve a better work-life balance and in some instances could favour an increase in productivity and efficiency. It also allows the Group to better address issues of diversity by allowing excluded groups to achieve better results, due to a more flexible approach to when or where they can conduct their work.

The Group abhors the use of child labour, slavery or human trafficking, and all subsidiaries are expected to take proactive measures to identify and prevent association with any entity involved with such activities.

Collective bargaining

The Group recognizes the right of employees to act collectively and to join labour unions, workers councils and other collective bargaining organisations.

The Group’s relationship with labour unions and other collective bargaining organisations is historically based on transparency and focused on finding balanced agreements between the parties. In this respect the Group aims to have proactive discussions with unions or other employee representative bodies regarding health and safety, working conditions, training, discrimination and harassment.  As of 31 December 2023, about 86% of all the Group’s employees were employed through collective bargaining agreements.

Personnel training

The provision of skills development training is fundamental to assuring the quality and safety of all activities within the Group.  The Group has carried out almost 141,000 hours of training during 2023 in technical skills, professional improvement, HSE and corporate social responsibility.

data source: CLN Corporate Responsibility Report 2023