MA srl: Sale of 25% of the French company AcierPlus s.a.s.

On 26 June 2024 MA srl sold its 25% stake in the French company AcierPlus s.a.s. acquired in June 2022 from ArcelorMIttal CLN Distribuzione Italia srl.

AcierPlus s.a.s. is a French limited company operating in 2 plants: Hericourt and Ancenis.

The Company mainly provides cutting, forming and welding services for steel products. Its main customers are in the lifting, railway and earthmoving machinery markets.

MA srl sold its stake to Mr. Angelo Cazzolla, founder of the industrial group Casta, with which CLN has established a long standing profitable cooperation. With this transaction, Casta Group reached the full ownership (100%) of Acierplus.