MA Automotive Portugal’s Earth Day: Ocean Protection 2024

On Saturday 11 May 2024 MAAP organized a beach cleaning activity for Earth Day, as announced in the news of April 22 54° Earth Day | CLN Group (,

The activity took place on a beach, 50 km far from MAAP’s plant, chosen by the CMIA Viana do Castelo (Centro de Monitorização e Interpretação Ambiental), as it is one of the beaches most affected by sea currents.

The waste deposited on this beach originates from the fishing activities.

The activity was attended by CMIA, which trained all the participants on the subject of marine waste

32 people participated, including MAAP operators, family members and a technician from CMIA Viana do Castelo.

500 kg of waste was collected, including:

  • Fishing nets and ropes;
  • Fishing traps;
  • Bottle caps;
  • Straws;
  • Cartridges from hunting weapons.

MAAP is very active in environmental awareness initiatives – see also– MAAP – Ocean Protection 2023 | CLN Group ( , it is an excellent example for all CLN Group companies and best represents its values of environmental protection and sense of community.