Safety Day 2024

Safety Day 2024 was held on Saturday 22 June at the Condove plant for the MA Chivasso, AMCLN Caselette and CTL plants.

The event focused on safety and environmental issues.

The workers themselves prepared presentations on these two areas:

  • Workplace ergonomics: how to create a working environment that reduces the risk of accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Reconstruction of a serious accident: a realistic simulation was used to analyse the causes of an accident at work, with the aim of disseminating the experience in order to prevent its recurrence.

Luca Mercalli, a climatologist, then gave a presentation on climate change, looking at the causes and consequences of climate change, and on land consumption, stressing the importance of preserving this precious and non-renewable resource.

Then Silvio Barbero, Professor at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, spoke about food hygiene and climate change: our diet and the environment are closely linked, we can make more sustainable choices.

During the morning, various activities carried out by the plants during the year were shown, such as planting trees with primary school children, contributing to the creation of Turin's green belt and a commercial promoting the use of PPE.

The Safety Day promotes and encourages these fundamental issues for CLN Group, such as:

  • Reflecting on the importance of safety at work and environmental protection.
  • Gain new knowledge through the experience of colleagues from other sites.
  • Exchanging best practices and strategies.
  • Contributing to a safer and more sustainable future for all