MAAP – Ocean Protection 2023

On Saturday 11th November 2023 MA Automotive Portugal carried out the first waste collection campaign on a beach.

The activity took place on a beach 50 km from MAAP plant. The beach was chosen by the CMIA Viana do Castelo (Centro de Monitorização e Interpretação Ambiental), since it is one of the beaches most affected by marine currents and the waste deposited on it comes from the Miño river and fishing activities.

The activity was attended by CMIA, which trained all participants on the topic of marine waste. MAAP employees, family members and a technician from CMIA Viana do Castelo participated in the activity. A total of 10 people took part in the activity.

100 kg of waste was collected, most of which was plastic. The amount of waste collected is equivalent to two months of plastic produced by MAAP plant.

Here is an example of some types of waste collected during the activity:

  • • Plastic pots from the octopus harvesting;
  • • Plastic crab traps;
  • • Straws;
  • • Gloves
  • • Footwear;
  • • Shotgun Shells;
  • • Toothbrushes;
  • • Sanitary towels
  • • Pallets

This activity is part of the environmental awareness initiatives that the CLN Group companies have been carrying out for years.