TO PROVE LAB designated as KBA technical service

TO PROVE LAB adds to its certificates the KBA technical service designation

TO PROVE LAB has been officially designated as technical service by Krafthart-Bundesamt (KBA), the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, with the certiifcate number KBA-P 00107-19. 

The designation certificate - issued with validity starting from 15 March 2019 - assesses the compliance of TO PROVE LAB with the EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and 17020:2012 norms, based on the recognition of the accreditation, registration number 1553, issued by ACCREDIA. Furthermore, it designates the laboratory as technical service category A, B and D: wheels and special wheels.

This result, recognized by the German authority, joins the certificates already owned by our laboratory and further marks its independence.

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