MW Lublin Green Point

MW Lublin has planted 250 pines and 250 birches in the Świdnik Forest District. The choice of these plants was dictated by soil and humidity conditions where they were planted: this way the trees have a chance to survive for over 100 years.

The trees were planted in an area covering  4000 m2: a forest of 4000 m2 produces 280 kg of oxygen which allows 1000 people to breathe for 24 hours.

Planting trees together also has benefits for MW Lublin employees:

-              It builds community spirit and unity.

-              It educates about the benefits of trees and nature.

-              It has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress and encouraging outdoor activities

In the next few years’ the project will continue and the MW Lublin green point be considerably enlarged.