Let's unmask Covid

The Magnetto Foundation has decided to help the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital in Turin by a fundraising, to which everyone can contribute, for the purchase of a sequencer.

There are few certainties about Covid19 and the only way out is research: the more we help research, the sooner we will unmask Covid19 to come out on top!

Laboratories around the world are working tirelessly to understand the various correlations and genetic links. The laboratory of the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital also needs cutting-edge research equipment whose interpretative, diagnostic and / or therapeutic application is of immediate interest to patients.

This is why the Magnetto Foundation accepted the request for help from Prof. Giovanni Di Perri (Director of the Clinic of Infectious Diseases and of the School of Specialization in Infectious Diseases of the Amedeo di Savoia Hospital in Turin) and decided to launch this fundraising campaign with the hope that as many people will want to join.

Thanks to those who want to participate with a donation! Together we can make a difference in this race for research and for our health!

DONATE at this link: https://www.retedeldono.it/it/progetti/fondazione-magnetto/smascheriamo-il-covid