Iren Group invests in ReMat

Remat, innovative startup operating in the circular economy has switched on the first plant in Italy “authorized” to recycle the polyurethane coming from production and bulky waste (sofa, mattresses).

The project has been evaluated strategic from Iren, a multiutility operating in the North of Italy that signed a capital increase entering in the equity.

Founded in 2018 by Alessandro Lodo and Francesco Perazzini two young entrepreneurs, Remat has been object of a previous capital increase signed by CLN Group and some Torino Investors club associates by the end of the same year. The new shareholders contributed to accelerate the project both with management and providing the industrial site.

Thank to Iren, Remat has now industrial and financial resources to develop R&D for the concept of new “green” products containing the polyurethane recycled - “second raw material” – for different markets: automotive, building.

The initiative can also play an important role locally. It can represent for Torino an area of development in a megatrend where a portfolio of skills and excellence should be created.