The Green Point in MAAP

MAAP - MA Automotive Portugal carried out on 10 October 2021, an environmental initiative, which aims to plant 1.000 trees, and that intends to limit the effects of global warming: planting trees allows the increase of carbon capture and fixation and contributes to an increase in biodiversity thus reducing the environmental impact.

The Company involved the City Hall of Valença and the Sepna - Service of Nature Protection and Environment: this joint meeting has decided to plant the trees in an area of 2 hectares that had been devastated by fires and which is very close to a picnic park and a waterfall. Following the indication of the forest engineer has acquired 240 Liquidamber, 520 Chamaecyparis and 240 Fagus sylvatica trees.

The event "1 day 1.000 trees" was held with the help of many employees and their families.

This way MAAP and CLN Group demonstrate their environmental commitment and their involvement with the local communities.