CLN Group and Climate Disclosure Project

CLN Group is committed to the Paris Agreement and to achieving CO2-neutrality in the long term. In order to work towards this important goal, concrete steps have been taken by our Group companies – and they are giving real results. For example, CLN Group companies are changing their energy suppliers, with a target of purchasing more that 70% of our electricity supplies from renewable or low carbon sources by 2025 – a target which we are confident we can achieve even earlier!

CLN Group supports transparency regarding its emissions and the steps being taken towards CO2-neutrality. To this end, each year we submit data on our emissions and energy use to the Climate Disclosure Project which collects data from companies worldwide in order to promote climate protection activities and show the consolidated results in a structured and standardised way. CDP members include CLN’s customers who are able to consolidate the data in their supply chain into one response in order to get good data on the overall carbon footprint of the vehicles they produce.

As well as Climate Change data, CLN Group has also recently started to submit data to CDP on Water use, in recognition of the fact that water is a scarce resource that needs to be managed responsibly.