Milestones – Our history

Showcasing how CLN developed from a two-employee company soon after the end of II World War to an international player in the steel business.
CLN Group, MA Division
The OSL plant opens in Melfi for the stamping and assembly of passenger and commercial vehicles produced by the Fiat Auto Group.
MA is set up.
CLN Group, MA Division
M.A.C. (Metallurgica Assemblaggi Carpenterie) moves its quarters to the former Lancia plant in Chivasso
CLN Group, MA Division
CLN opens new stamping facilities: one in Polonia (Kielce) and four in France (Villers-la-Montagne, Reims, Beauchamp and Aulnay). Magnetto concludes a contract with Heuliez Group in order to acquire a new plant in Lorenza.
Eurostamp is set up.
CLN Group, MA Division
The former Fiat stamping department built in 1973 and then sold to MA in 1998.
CLN Group | Fiat stamping department 1973 and then sold to MA in 1998
CLN Group, MA Division
Delfo Polska (now MA Polska) is set up.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA Automotive Brasil is set up.
CLN Group, MA Division
CLN acquires the stamping unit by PSA Group in Palomar that will later became EUROSTAMP Argentina.
The Group opens a new EUROSTAMP plant in Brazil.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA Automotive Argentina is set up.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA and Coskunöz - Turkey - form a joint venture in Bursa setting up the Coskunöz MA Otomotive for stamping and assembly automotive components for Renault and Dacia.
CLN opens a stamping plant in Biache-Saint-Vaaste, close to Lille, France.
MA France is set up.
CLN Group, MA Division
An automotive component stamping plant opens in Saxony for German and Czech Customers.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA and JBM - India - sign a joint venture. The JBM MA Chakan facility stamps and assembles inner and outer parts for Fiat, Tata, Volkswagen passenger cars and Mahindra vehicles.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA and Proma Group (Italy) join forces.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA South Africa joins the Group.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA and Proma Group set up a company called PMC Automotive.
MA acquires August Lapple South Africa Ltd. and its subsidiary ALSA East London.
CLN Group, MA Division
A new plant for automotive components stamping plant is built in Kragujevac - close to the new FIAT plant - and in Aydin.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA and FumisCor (Argentina) join forces and sign a joint venture, FaM-MA.
MA signs an equal agreement with Beijing Shougang Metal, owned by Shougang Group Corporation.
WM Automotive is founded in Kingisepp (Russia). Merger agreement between Wagon Automotive (acquiring) and WM (incorporated).
MA acquires full control of Nuova Sall.
MA Automotive South Africa deliberates a capital increase equal to 208.6 million of Rand.
CLN Group, MA Division
IFC (International Finance Corporation – World Bank Group) makes a capital increase of 20 million of Euro in MA South Africa, acquiring 23.85% of its social capital. MA sells 40% of MA do Brazil’s shares to Unipres Japan.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA and Unipres partnership becomes AGP (Alliance Growth Partner) by Renault-Nissan.
MA inaugurates its new plant in Berlin, in South Africa.
MA sells its 35% participation in Proma Poland.
SIMEST endorses and pays a capital increase of 5 million of Euro in MA.
CLN Group, MA Division
MA absorbs MAC and Wagon.
MA Argentina (Palomar) is transferred to PSA Argentina.
CLN Group, MA Division
SIMEST pays a capital increase of 3 million euros in MA Automotive Argentina S.A.
SIMEST invests over 19 million euros to support investment plan.
Sale of MA's participation (50%) in JBM MA Automotive Pvt. Ltd. to Neel Metal Products Limited.
MA Automotive Portugal is set up.
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