CLN Group has temporarily suspended production at most sites to cope with the Covid-19 emergency and to reorganize its production plants in safety. The suspension of the production is implemented consistently with the legislation of each Country, with the aim of restarting production safely and promptly when market conditions allow it.

Pending the reopening of the plants, CLN Group has voluntarily adopted a protocol to contain the spread of Covid-19 contamination, involving workers' representatives; moreover CLN Group has decided to adapt the production processes in different plants increasing distance among employees at work stations, organizing remote work in "SMART WORKING" mode wherever possible. Certified personal protective equipment is delivered to workers for critical workstations.

CLN Group guarantees the adoption of hygiene measures in its plants through: distribution of products for cleaning and sanitizing hands, scheduling of cleaning and sanitizing interventions in all work stations, information and training of workers. CLN Group applies strict quotas, controls and procedures in canteens, changing rooms and in all commune environments. CLN Group procedures also establish strict controls on workers and visitors at accesses, as well as strict prevention rules for visitors and transporters.

CLN Group is adopting these production suspensions to implement containment measures and to better organize production at restart, guaranteeing the safety of its workers and for the benefit of productivity and quality.