Restore Our Planet

On April 22 we celebrate the EARTH DAY 2021.

This anniversary is more and more important: the health of our planet is increasingly compromised and the climate crisis is increasingly serious.

This year's theme is "Restore our Planet" because while it is important to reduce the environmental impact, on the other we must also try to remedy the damage caused to the Earth up to now.

The CLN Group is engaged on a daily basis in research activities for green technologies, in actions to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy and in increasingly sustainable purchases and production.

Each of us, in the smallest ways, can contribute to respecting and restoring the Planet.

On this day we would like to remind you to be careful, every day, at home and in the Company, to reduce consumption and waste of water, electricity, heat, food and to reduce the production of waste and increase recycling.

We ask you for small gestures and a little good will because

                                                                          "Saving the Earth is no longer just an option, but a necessity"

                                                                           (Krista Johanna Mikkonen)