MA Srl: Key innovator for AVANGARD + participation in MECSPE 2023 fair

European commission has recognized MA together with other partners (INTERACTIVE FULLY ELECTRICAL VEHICLES SRL, FUNDACION CIDAUT) as 'Key Innovators' for AVANGARD (project under Horizon 2020)

Details of this innovation are as follows:

  • Innovation Title: Low investment for flexible manufacturing of safe and efficient urban electric vehicles.
  • Market Maturity of the Innovation: Market Ready
  • Market Creation Potential of the innovation: Addresses needs of existing

For European Commission, this award leads to some potential new opportunities, for possible new projects as per R&D and/or applications on the market.


* * *


MA SRL together with I-FEVS were present in “mess MECSPE /Bologna 2023”  at ENERGY TRANSITION AND SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY – Heart Show:

  • exposition of fully functional 2- and 3-wheels E-Bikes, built with tubular steel frame assembled/painted by MA SRL, and innovative doors (concept with tubular frame and inner/outer stamped panels), the production of these doors was done in a fully representative and flexible assembly/hemming cells done in MA SRL (Chivasso/Italy plant)
  • presentation by Pietro Perlo (IFEVS) about “production with Low Investment for safe electric vehicles made with Advanced High Strength Steels”.