MA Automotive Portugal: World Safety Week 2024

In order to celebrate Occupational Safety Day, MAAP has prepared several actions related to Safety and Health at Work throughout the week:

  1. Basic life support training;
  2. Start of the Occupational Gymnastics program;
  3. Awareness-raising actions carried out by fire fighters;
  4. Sensory lab.

In particular, for point 2, an external entity provided training to the workers responsible for running the gymnastics program on a daily basis, throughout all the shifts and departments.

Then, for point 4, MAAP created a sensory lab, to show the impact of serious occupational accidents on our personal lives. These are the questions:

  • What will it be like if you lose sight in one eye?
  • What if you lose an arm?
  • What will it be like if you lose mobility in one leg?

They created stations to test for disabilities:

Test for loss of field of vision and for loss of profundity perception:

Test for loss of one arm:

Mobility test for loss of one leg:

These activities directly involve staff and demonstrate in a practical and effective way what it means to work safely.

Here is our slogan:

Thinking About Safety,

Working Safely!