International Women's Day 2024

International Women's Day celebrates the progress made by women around the world.

The CLN Group is strongly committed to increasing the percentage of female employees and creating a work environment that respects gender equality.

Among the various initiatives that the Companies carry out throughout the year, we have selected some to celebrate this important day and to thank all our female colleagues for their commitment.


MAAP – MA Automotive Portugal

The Company elected a Portuguese woman who had a very important role in gender equality.

MAAP celebrates International Women's Day every year, highlighting the role that our women play in the world of work and society. Female representation in MAAP is very high, which highlights the importance that women have in the workforce. To celebrate this day, MAAP prepares a short text that is displayed on screens in common spaces and offers a flower that expresses the affection and respect that MAAP has for all our women.



To all women – female employees, who have decided to take care of their children at home up to the age of 3 years old, and would like to work at least part-time and further develop their expertise, the Company is trying to modify their working conditions accordingly, if the job position allows it.


MW Romania S.A.

In Drăgășani - Romania, the arrival of Spring is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

On the 1st of March, a very old and beautiful tradition called Mărțișor takes place. This tradition involves the exchange of small tokens, often in the form of gifts tied with red and white strings, between men and women. They are a symbol for love, respect, and well wishes for the entire Spring season.

And the good news are that the celebration doesn’t end here! On 8th of March, is the International Woman’s Day. This time, Romanian girls and women receive flowers and symbolic tokens as a sign of appreciation.

The women from the organization are very important to us. They have a key role in the manufacturing process, basically a lot of our premium wheels are made by them. Some others produce organizational transformation & grow. They are extraordinary business partners when they are in leadership positions, and some are literally ambassadors of the Safety culture spreading around the CARE for their colleagues, husbands, lovers, friends, children. They support us in key functions and roles to drive performance in our business.

Here at MW Romania we have a long tradition in coordinating several events and activities dedicated to them on these special days of March 1 and 8: workshop, speeches, greeting cards, gifts and celebration.


MW Kingisepp LLC

In the Company men and boys congratulate women and girls. They present gifts and flowers, among which the first spring flowers predominate - tulips, daffodils and lilies.  In canteen a celebratory lunch is organized for everybody. To promote women work places this year the Company participates in exhibition of work places.


MA Automotive Tool and Die (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

The International Women's Day is important, as there are not always a lot of women within the manufacturing environment.

All women and men contribute to the work of the company, each according to their own abilities and characteristics.

The Maintenance Planner of Plant 1, Rosslyn, South Africa, encourages women that it is possible to reach their dreams.

She is part of the Women of Steel for MA and MW for South Africa and enjoys helping women to talk about themselves and their dreams.



MA Automotive Brasil Ltda

MAB is located within the Tecnopolo Industrial Condominium in Porto Real – RJ, in partnership with the other Companies in the Condominium, will hold a special lunch, with live music, and the delivery of a message and a toast in gratitude for the presence and strength of work of women in our Company. The central theme of this Event will be: “Women: celebrating your achievements, challenging limits and inspiring the world!”