Innovative MW wheels in the electric concept of the future presented by Citroën

Citroën recently presented OLI, a new vehicle concept that challenges the status quo and projects itself as a possible solution to the transition to a sustainable mobility accessible to all.

As described by the Citroën press release and Quattroruote, CITROËN OLI is a concentrate of innovation that combines highly technological concepts with sustainability, applied to their entire life-cycle, and with the ambitious goal of being accessible to all.

Among the innovations equipped in the vehicle, the wheels stand out, which are the result of a long innovation project, in collaboration between Stellantis and MW, that has been improved over the years and matched with style on Citroën’s new concept car. A wheel that combines the best of the two solutions currently available on the mass market: steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. The wheel is indeed a hybrid concept that mounts an alloy rim, the part in contact with the tire, invisible from the outside, assembled with a steel disc with a new style, different from what we were used to when it comes to steel wheels. The result is a wheel that brings weight advantages of 15-20% when compared with the solutions currently on the market, both classic alloy and steel, while maintaining a high driving comfort more similar to that of an alloy wheel. The production technology together with the material employed guarantee a low environmental impact in the life-cycle of the product, much lower than any equivalent alloy solutions. The typical strength and repairability of the steel wheel are maintained in this concept and aerodynamics is achieved thanks to a peripheral insert between the disc and the tire.

We are confident to be able to give more details in the near future, for further information we recommend: