The Green Issue Portal of CLN Group

A Green Issue Portal has been set up to provide a space where CLN employees can suggest ideas to make significant improvements in the environmental impact of our operations.

The portal can be accessed with the following address:

To encourage the sharing of ideas on the Portal, the person in each region submitting the best idea each year during the period from 1 July to 30 June will receive a prize from the Regional Leader.

The ideas that can be submitted through the Portal are new ideas that offer an opportunity to better tackle our objectives to reduce Greenhouse Gases, as follows:

  • Reduction in the use of electrical energy
  • Reduction in the use of gas
  • Reduction in the use of petrol or diesel for transport
  • Conversion of processes from those using gas to those using electricity
  • Other idea to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2

The initial objective of the Portal is to encourage ideas to reduce Greenhouse Gases. The issue of Greenhouse Gases has been chosen as the first topic for the Portal as CLN Group is committed to supporting the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change – and the challenge is huge. Our customers are also setting challenging targets to reduce Greenhouse Gases, and it is important that we support them. It has effectively become the main challenge for the automotive industry going forward.