Energy saving project with LED lighting

CLN is undertaking a significant energy saving project based on the replacement of traditional lighting with the latest generation of high energy efficiency LED lighting, as part of the activities aimed at consolidating the group's sustainable approach.

To date, approximately 47% of the surface of the CLN factories is illuminated by LED technology and each year an additional 15,000 square meters of additional surface have this technology installed. During 2021 an innovative LED lighting system was installed at the Atessa (CH) plant covering about 9000 square meters, replacing a traditional system, and integrating advanced control systems, remote management and zone lighting monitoring, which make it possible to rationalize the use of energy on the basis of actual needs. Savings of about 50% of the energy consumed by the Atessa plant are expected each year.

The LED project undertaken by CLN Group allows for a significant reduction in environmental impacts and in the consumption of natural resources destined for energy production and therefore contributes to the reduction of the group's CO2 emissions.