Coronavirus: precautionary measures and production activity

Dear Customers, Dear Suppliers,

considering the recent episodes of Coronavirus faced in our country, with this note we would like to reassure you that we are taking all precautionary measures in contiguity with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 21.2.2020, in accordance with the information received from the Public Health Authorities and in coordination with our own competent doctor.

Specifically, the Company has disclosed to all its staff a press release containing provisions:

of a hygienic-sanitary nature as per the vademecum of the Ministry of Health;

of an organizational nature by limiting travel (in particular in areas identified as outbreaks) and by limiting the access of external subjects to the CLN Group sites;

self-monitoring of workers' health by monitoring their staff if symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 (fever, breathing difficulties and coughing) should occur. In this situation, the staff would be exempted from work with consequent reporting - through the competent doctor - to the regional health reference bodies.

In relation to requests for confirmation of full production activity, we can currently confirm that all our plants are operational. Obviously, since it is a situation in continuous evolution and, in the not absolutely predictable state, if there are any malfunctions or delays you will be informed promptly.