Condove plant celebrates the Safety Day 2023

After a "pause" due to the COVID pandemic, we have finally resumed the organisation of Safety Days, a tool to keep the culture of Health and Safety alive among the employees.

On 10 June the Safety Day was held in the Condove plant for the Piedmont plants of CLN Group.

The main goal of this event was to remind us that protecting our own Safety and that of others must always be our priority. It's only through a methodical approach - "Never let your guard down! - and commitment - "Shared vigilance! – that we can achieve the desired results.

The day was also dedicated to the theme of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, through the intervention of the climatologist Luca Mercalli, who underlined the urgency of intervening, not only with words and/or rules, but above all by raising awareness of the issue in society, so that it understands the reasons for the benefits of a more sustainable future for itself and for future generations.

In this respect, the Group is implementing a medium-term strategy to strengthen its "green" soul and increase its positive impact on employees and the territories in which it operates, in order to protect the Earth and its resources.