Atessa 2 MA plant celebrates the Safety Day 2023

After a few years of "enforced" absence, on 16 May we have celebrated again the Safety Day 2023 in Atessa 2 MA plant.

The main focus was on the Safety and Environmental issues faced by the workers of MA 1 and MA 2 of Atessa, of MA Cassino and of AMCLN Osimo (AN).

For this occasion, they realized videos of testimonies, injuries and improvements made in recent years to prevent accidents at work.

Special guests at the event were the 80 students of "P. Borelli" in Archi, who were involved in the MA and AMCLN project: "Let's plant a tree, let’s save the world". As well as creating a green point in the upper Sangro area, the children were the real protagonists of the project, reciting nursery rhymes and poems on the sustainability and the UN 2030 Agenda.

At the end of the event, the baton was passed on to the Condove and Chivasso plants, where the next Safety Day will be held on 10 June.