Acting together to build a positive health and safety culture

The theme chosen for World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022 focuses on two important aspects: "acting together" and "safety culture."  In these two years of pandemic, we have heard over and over again and have directly experienced that health and safety, even in the fight against an invisible virus, is achieved through the shared and united action of all. This is also true for the working environment. When it comes to safety, we cannot act alone, but we are part of a system in which each of us has a role and function of primary importance, and only together can we bring down the still too high number of accidents and deaths in the workplace. For this reason it is important to believe in and create a culture of safety, made up of involvement, of reconciliation between theory and practice, of sharing rules and objectives, of creating a climate of trust and collaboration, of correct perception of risk for oneself and for others. Positive and proactive attitudes that stimulate the ability to anticipate risks and propose solutions for their elimination or reduction.

Together, valuing people and acting consciously, in order to make the workplace an increasingly safe environment for everyone.