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The Group’s philosophy of creating a system with a network in steel-dependent businesses has allowed for the development of industrial partnerships with major Companies in various production areas. Not just suppliers but true innovation and development partners developing steel-based solutions, consultants in the construction of real networks to serve our Customers and provide personalised intermediate product transformation to their requirements, not only in our own production sites but also in locations regarded as strategic for their business expansion. A business model which has been successful in the automotive and wheels sectors, and we have extended to include other areas such as relamination, fine and conventional blanking, grinding, heat treatments, the production of soldered pipes for the automotive and domestic appliances sector, trailers, compressors, tankers and cylinders and components for earth moving machinery.

Other partnerships have been specifically developed with the MA and MW Divisions.

CLN became a partner of CELLINO Srl in 2011 with a shareholding of 39%. The partnership involves cooperation in the production of components for light and heavy vehicles and earth moving machinery in Cellino’s seven plants located in Italy (Grugliasco, Bruino, Chivasso, Poirino, Settimo, Rivalta, Torino and Nusco), in Poland (Kielce), and in India (Bombay and Pune).

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The Officine Metallurgiche Ventura Spa in Lesmo has been manufacturing high frequency electro welded non-alloy carbon steel tubes for more than forty years. Tubes are produced with round or special sections for automotive and motorcycle markets and for domestic appliances and furniture industries.The CLN Group has been a shareholder since 2004.
The CLN Group holds a 17.8% share in Etromex, the North American division of the ISIL Group in Alpignano, specialized in automized steel component pressing and assembly with plants in Italy, France and Mexico. The new plant in Mexico is equipped with presses up to 500 tons and both a manual and robotized assembly lines.



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