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Profilo/storiaThe CLN Group has dedicated its interest to steel wheels since the late 1980s, when leading Italian Motorcar Manufacturers decided to outsource the production of various vehicle components including wheels. The MW Division includes famous makes like CMR (Rho, Milan), Fergat (Cascine Vica, Turin), Gianetti Ruote (Ceriano Laghetto, Milan) and Sanremo Radaelli. The CLN Group invested heavily in these Italian firms, re-organized them and then successfully re-launched production. MW also acquired production plants outside Italy in the Nineties, such as Dunlop Roues (Tergnier, north Paris), now MW France, Roti Auto (Dragasani, Rumania), now MW Romania SA and Dunlop Topy Wheels (Coventry, UK) - a joint venture with the Japanese company Topy.

At the beginning of the year 2000, with huge investments for acquisitions and technology implementation, some 24 million wheels produced and 1800 workers, MW became the leading European producer of steel wheels for light and heavy vehicles and motorcycle spoke wheels while acquisitions and technical / commercial partnerships on international levels continued ceaselessly. In 2007 the Lublin site was acquired from Daewoo (now MW Poland),  and in 2008 – in partnership with Eurodisk – the MW Eurodisk production site was opened in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
In 2010 Excel Rim Co Ltd of Tokyo, world leader for aluminium motorcycle wheels, with production sites in Shiga, Japan and  Penang in Malaysia, was acquired (now sold to RK Group at the end of 2017). This was followed by the acquisition from Dorbyl Automotive of the Port Elisabeth production site in South Africa, today’s MW Wheels SA (Pty) Ltd and later by a joint venture in Iran with A.R. Machine Factory.  In 2011 a joint venture was agreed with Jantsa AS in Turkey -JMW AS- and construction of a motorcar and heavy vehicle wheel production site at Aydin began; at end February 2012 a joint venture was established with Shanghai Baosteel International Economic and Trading for the construction of a light and heavy vehicle wheel production site in Chongqing, China.

In 2016 Topy Industries, Ltd. and MW Italia srl have signed a new business and capital alliance. Topy has achieved a 14% shareholding in MWI by a dedicated capital increase. MWI has achieved a 1.53% shareholding in Topy acquiring its ordinary treasury shares.
The mutual business partnership history between the two companies dates back to 2000, followed by a mutual assistance agreement in 2002, the acquisition of a 2.5% stake in MW by Topy in 2007, and the establishment of a joint venture in Mexico in 2013

Today, MW is active both in direct sales to automotive business players and in the after-market business with a dedicated Sales network.



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