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Health and Safety as a Priority

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LA SICUREZZAThe Group is aware that the creation of value, sustained by a prosperous and socially responsible growth, is promoted by the persons operating therein. Consequently, all persons working within the Group need to be guaranteed the highest form of respect and individual protection. Moreover, the Group considers environmental protection as a key factor to be promoted in the general approach to corporate activities, and recognizes workplace health and safety as fundamental rights of its employees as well as a key element of the Group’s sustainability.

As regards the aspects of Health and Safety at the workplace, activities related to the Safety Project, launched in 2009, continued further with an extension of the latter to all Group companies, including those recently acquired (whether subsidiaries or investees) in order to guarantee homogeneity in objectives and methods aimed at improving the performance of every division of the Group.

The main purposes of said project are:
• to guarantee the observance of regulatory provisions on the matter of health and safety and promote initiatives based on a rationale of constant improvement and prevention;
• to define and implement plans of action, maintenance and control aimed at risk prevention;
• to continuously improve corporate performance and constantly monitor risks deriving from work activities;
• to provide corporate management with an efficient and effective managerial system that allows a permanent activity of identification and management of emerging problems as well as an orderly information flow able to adequately support decisionmaking and operational responsibilities;
• to increase the involvement, motivation and awareness of the staff;
• to contribute to improving the levels of workplace health and safety;
• to improve its internal and external image, so as to gain a greater reliability with clients, suppliers and supervisory bodies/authorities;
• to progressively reduce costs of workplace health and safety.

Furthermore, the Safety Policy adopted and circulated within the various companies of CLN Group establishes that the protection of Health and Safety is to be considered as a priority and precise responsibility of the entire corporate hierarchy, as well as a constant commitment to be pursued in all activities. The objective of the CLN Group is to reduce and prevent workplace-related injuries and occupational diseases.
Such principles are realized through the identification of annual objectives of constant and gradual reduction of injuries and related indicators, from a minimum reduction of 30% compared to the previous year until reaching zero accidents, which is an object that many areas of the Group already achieved.
In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the Group’s Frequency Index has further decreased in 2016 in comparison with 2015. The CLN Group Management’s commitment to reach and maintain the results is also expressed by its efforts towards constant improvement and identification of new tools to be adopted and applied.

The Group believes in circulating a culture of  environmental protection, accident prevention and risk awareness among workers. Employees need to consider themselves personally responsible to take the preventive measures established by the Group to protect their health and safety.
In a perspective of continuous improvement, it is worth reporting 27 facilities within the Group hold the environmental certification ISO 14001 (67% of the total) as of December 2016. At the same time, 14 facilities (35% of the total) hold the OHSAS health and safety certification. This guarantees the Group’s legal conformity and the implementation of systems for monitoring and improving safety and environmental aspects in all facilities.

However, the consolidation of good results in the field of environment, health and safety is not to be regarded as a point of arrival, but rather as a starting point. The Group is committed to persevering on its path, continuing to work on the behavioral aspect of all employees: for the Group, this constitutes the most significant added value for dealing with such matters.
The involvement of all employees is key to making environment and safety not just abstract ideas, but rather something real, concrete and tangible. Only by stimulating employees to play an active role in the application of such principles will it be possible to reach increasingly more ambitious goals.

CLN Group's Health and Safety Policy



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