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Our aim is to stand as leaders in the development, industrialisation and assembly of high technological content industrial steel products, offering our customers dedicated solutions and services, while striving to become their reference point for excellence and sharing with them the successful results achieved.

We want to develop our internationalisation process by:
-    giving priority to safety and the health of our people
-    integrating our range of proposed solutions
-    exploring the application of new materials
-    anticipating user requirements and market trends

Our guiding principles, which rule all our activities and generate value for our customers, suppliers and personnel, are:
Health and Safety at Work // Transparency and Integrity // Team Training and Professionality // Flexibility, Versatility and Speed // Tension for Long-Term Partnerships

The Company believes necessary to establish a set of ethical principles and rules of conduct that must inspire its activities and those of its subsidiaries, aimed at spreading a solid ethical integrity and sensitive corporate culture to respect the laws in force in the various countries where it operates.
In the light of the above, the Group has adopted a Group Code of Ethics, bringing together a clear and transparent set of values to which the CLN Group is inspired for the achievement of business objectives.
The Group strives to ensure that these values are shared by all consultants, suppliers and any other party who have at any time a relationship with the Group. The CLN Group does not engage in or continue any relationship with third parties that refuse to abide by the principles of the Code.

Download or view the Code of Ethics

The Group, being aware that each of its production activities has an impact on the environment, is also well aware that the creation of added value can be pursued through socially responsible growth. Our fundamental values include protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, that are essential for the quality of life and for sustainable development, and for continuous improvement of environmental performance, by minimizing the risks related to the activities carried out. These sustainability values form an integral part of the Group's management and are the premise for all our operating decisions and activities.
In the external and internal context of growing awareness raising on topics related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Group has started a process of compliance with the United Nations Global Compact initiative.
As a first step of this process, our Communication on Progress (COP) has been published accordingly.

The CLN Group is committed to promoting equality and diversity as founding values of an inclusive corporate culture, that celebrates the differences and recognises the value, experiences and origins of the personal identity of each individual.
Respect for human rights is a fundamental value of the CLN Group. The CLN Group believes in sustainable business development and considers respect for human rights and the proper adherence to labour rights as an integral component of responsible business behaviour.

CLN Group is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct through the ethical behaviour of its employees and the proper and effective functioning of its accounting and control system.
The CLN Group has established a confidential and anonymous process to receive complaints: information concerning violations of legal obligations or CLN Group rules and regulations can be reported through the Whistleblowing portal. The whistleblower procedure is intended to be used only for serious and sensitive issues. 
So, you can Blow the Whistle about serious concerns relating to unethical or illegal conduct through the Whistleblowing portal or via mail at the following address: CLN SpA - Whistleblowing - via Pavia 71 - 10098 Rivoli (TO), Italy. 



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